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You post will work better having items with detailed technical specifications, determined quantities and pricing. Pictures may be attached on the next screen. Tell people what exactly you are selling.

Division - select the Division from the drop-down list.

Subdivision - select the Subdivision from the drop-down list.

Title - enter the Title of the item you are selling.

Description - This is the space to enter any information about the product your are selling and how you are selling it. It is better to use specific details, such as model numbers, design specs, any professional information. This site is intended for construction professionals looking for a product.

Quantity - how many you are selling, if left empty, 1 will be assumed.

Price Per Unit - how much each unit cost. OK to leave blank.

Free Item - Only check this box if you intend to give away the goods for free. (US and Canada option only).

Contact Name, Contact Phone and Company - tell people how to find you when inquiring about the posted building product. This information is also used to create user account when the post is made for the first time on this site.

Pickup Address: Country, Street, City, State, Zip - tell buyers where the building materials are located. We will attempt to display address on the map. Registered users have an option to press ↓ (Down Arrow) in empty street field to see all saved addresses. "Remove" option deletes address from the suggested addresses list.

Images - picture is worth a thousand words...

Items without pictures will not be featured on the home page!

Auto Restart - when checked, the building materials listing will be re-posted automatically.