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Press Releases Announces Partnership with Company
November 8, 2007

In efforts to help consumers make educated choices in the construction industry company established partnership with well established on-line venture: This partnership brings more opportunities by joining the commercial aspect of and the residential oriented approach of

American Builder Surplus has joined forces with to establish long term productive relationship. The different approaches to consumer needs by both companies expands their services to the members, furnishing consumers with more educated choices and opportunities to save resources and time.

American Builder Surplus provides its community with listings of industrial quantities of construction materials surpluses and overstocks, using industry specific standard codes to identify and locate the product. American Builder Surplus offers companies advertisement of their services, along with discounts for the members who are willing to donate their work for partner non-profit organizations. American Builder Surplus allows for safe funds exchange between parties and facilitates secure and reliable building materials re-use, reducing waste and saving resources world-wide. gives residential consumers and contractors a place to meet on line and do business. The democratic nature of this community makes it attractive for small business in all areas of the country. Grown from grass roots, membership keeps gaining momentum and popularity among all trades in construction industry. It helps homeowners find worthy contractors based on reviews or full page company profiles with a variety of member feedback. Homeowners are invited to post their projects on the site or search the database for a contractor for a project. Posting a project adds more benefits by easing the hiring process, beginning with a communication via email, receiving rough estimates from the contractors, and making a fair and informed decision to hire. Homeowners have an option to remain anonymous if they wish or even hire a contractor before even meeting in person. Ben recommends that each homeowner performs their due diligence before making any decisions on which contractor to employ.

Ben, who started over 2 years ago and is also a residential contractor, says that his website is a unique way of building a true community where he gets feedback from the users to add new features and make improvements for the members. He continues to grow his Atlanta based website into several other large markets within the U.S.

Both companies hope that this partnership will be beneficial to all the visitors and that the consumers will find value in this partnership. joins GA Industrial Materials Exchange and Building Material Reuse Association in efforts to help conserve natural resources.
April 23, 2007

American Builder Surplus has joined Building Materials Reuse Association (website)and Georgia Department of Natural Resources / Georgia Industrial Materials Exchange (website). Their goal is to develop a community for construction and construction related businesses to trade overstock, surplus or salvage materials and to give such materials a "second life".

The amount of perfectly usable materials which companies are disposing of every day is staggering. Overstocks, surpluses, miss-measurements, insurance claims and more end up in the landfill because they have become more expensive to handle than to dispose of. By doing so, we generate more and more waste. The natural resources are not unlimited, we can produce only so much marble and cut only so many trees. Public and private organizations around the world are waking up to the problem of overflowing landfills and finite natural resources, however, up to this time, there have been very few initiatives to deal with these issues in a practical manner. addresses these problems in a way that not only provides the construction industry with economic incentives but also helps environmentally conscious organizations as well. They are offering a solution - rather than having to spend money getting rid of building materials they no longer need, companies can now make money and help the environment and recycle at the same time. Additionally, companies may benefit from incentives set up by federal and local governments to encourage use of recycled or salvaged materials. website is designed for today's construction industry, it employs established industry standards to describe the product, making it easier to mark and find. The website provides world-wide exposure for environmentally sentient companies along with secure methods of payment for products and freight. company is looking for more ways to be involved in the activities that help enrich peoples lives and preserve the environment for future generations to come. They are open to working with other organizations to join efforts to achieve these goals.