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Building Materials Standard Construction Division Code View

(This list is updated every 4 hours)
This is a list constructed by Standard Construction Division Code. If you would like to browse or search posted building materials click Building Materials List. If you would like to see construction products on geographical map, by state or by zip code click Building Materials Map.
 01-General Data
 01315-Professional Consulting Firms
 SAFETY  Colorado  United States
 Interior Trim Molding  Georgia  United States
 01316-Systems Consulting Firms
 Plywood (2,306 pcs)  Texas  United States
 01317-Assosiations & Professional Organizations
 Frankie Sink  Nevada  United States
 Modern Brand Name Lights  Nevada  United States
 Modern Glass Ball Lamps  Nevada  United States
 Drywall (1,062 pcs/ 46,704 Sq. Ft.)  Alberta  Canada
 01319-Reference Books & Publications
 01344-Computer Systems
 01346-Computer Software
 01544-Construction Scaffolding & Platforms
 01546-Construction Debris Chutes
 Sikkens Paint Gallons Rubbol DEK- Light Base  Texas  United States
 01548-Construction Tools
 Individual Equipment & Field Gear  Arizona  United States
 Knack boxes and material racks  California  United States
 Pipe Threader Machine - Ridgid 535  California  United States
 Gas Cooktop - New!  Colorado  United States
 Granite Stone Pavers  Florida  United States
 Bruce Trowel 1/4" x 1/2" x 3/16"  Georgia  United States
 Rebar Cutter by Klein  Idaho  United States
 Melamine Particle Board 5/8"  Idaho  United States
 Bellaforte DaVinci shakes  New Jersey  United States
 Granite and Slate  New Jersey  United States
 Caster Swivels & Leveling Pads  New York  United States
 Galvanized U-Channel sign posts  Ohio  United States
 ToughRock Gypsum Board  Oklahoma  United States
 Utility Poles (Approx 60,000)  Pennsylvania  United States
 Trim Board (Used in Siding) - IQM  Texas  United States
 Poly Sheeting 6 (25 Rolls)  Texas  United States
 Granite/Marble Blocks  Texas  United States
 Siding and Decking Material  Texas  United States
 Armstrong ceiling tile!  Texas  United States
 Lumber - Rough-Cut Lumber  Texas  United States
 Pulverizer for Glass or Rock  Utah  United States
 Price Pfister Shower Trim Sets  Virginia  United States
 Latex Paints (Interior / Exterior )    Ghana
 Hand Tools -Atlas Copco    Mexico
 01760-Installed Construction Protection
 GRADE A CEILING TILES  Arizona  United States
 Ultra Seal Cement Patch by Century 10 FL OZ  Georgia  United States
 Spruce Pine Fir Lap Siding  New York  United States
 HDF Wood Fiber Board - 528 Sheets 11.3 mm  South Carolina  United States
 Brick & Stone - Qty: Approximately 78 Pallets  Texas  United States
 Black Walnut Mantels -- Kiln Dried Rough Cut Lumber  Texas  United States
 Veneer, Cherry (18,917 pcs)  Quebec  Canada
02-Site Construction
 02250-Shoring & underpinning
 02264-Soil & rock anchors
 02340-Soil Stabilization
 MFG: Carlon Model# SP4W30- 2 4" Spacers  Texas  United States
 02360-Soil treatments
 02370-Erosion & sedimentation control
 02390-Shoreline protection & mooring structures
 02392-Docks & boat facilities
 02482-Foundation walls
 President  California  United States
 Stair Ballusters  Illinois  United States
 Anchor bolts  California  United States
 Liquidation lot available  Iowa  United States
 3 Conexs Full of extras and spares  Virginia  United States
 02550-Piped energy distribution
 02588-Power & communication conduits
 Pumps, Valves & Hoses  Arizona  United States
 Portable Electric Heaters  California  United States
 02610-Pipe culverts
 A53 GRA S40 GPE Galvanized Pipe (Savannah)  Texas  United States
 02622-Subsurface drainage materials
 Ammo Cans, Collapsible Storage Tanks & Containers  Arizona  United States
 Stucco Netting- Flange, Corners (960 Pcs)  California  United States
 Aghia Marina Marble Tile 12" X 12"  Utah  United States
 02624-Subsurface drainage piping
 Free storm & water pipe. Augusta, GA. area.  South Carolina  United States
 Underground Utility Pipe  Texas  United States
 02632-Storm drains & underdrain inlets
 02636-Precast trench drain systems
 02660-Ponds & reservoirs
 02730-Aggregate Surfacing
 CMB, Recycled Concrete and Asphalt -- FREE  California  United States
 02752-Concrete pavement
 Concrete Mixer System  Texas  United States
 02760-Paving specialties
 02762-Pavement marking
 02772-Curbs & gutters
 Granite Curbing  Connecticut  United States
 02780-Unit pavers
 02785-Flexible pavement coating & micro-surfacing
 02790-Athletic & Recreational Surfaces
 02792-Synthetic grass & turf
 02793-Surfacing - pedestrian & light vehicle
 02795-Porous paving
 02810-Irrigation Systems
 02815-Fountans, pools & water displays
 02825-Fences, gates and hardware
 Plastic safety/construction fencing  Alabama  United States
 Temporary Guardrails  California  United States
 TX-DOT Silt Fence 100' 2*4-24" 12-1/2GA Wire  Texas  United States
 02827-Gate operators
 02832-Retaining walls
 02840-Walk, road & parking appurtenances
 02852-Bridges - pedestrian & vehicular
 Steel Pedestrian / Utility Bridge  Massachusetts  United States
 02862-Highway noise barriers
 02870-Site, street & mall furnishings
 02872-Street & mall clocks, bells, carillons
 02873-Outdoor sculpture & ornamental work
 02874-Bicycle racks & lockers
 Bike Parking Racks / Lockers Stainless Steel WHOLESALE LOT or INDIVIDUAL  New York  United States
 02875-Site & street shelters
 02882-Recreational facilities & playground equipment
 02884-Amusement park equipment
 02892-Highway stop posts
 02912-Soil preparation & materials
 02930-Exterior palnts
 02940-Simulated plants & rocks
 02945-Planting accessories
 03050-Concrete materials
 Stucco, Concrete, masonry color packs  California  United States
 Whiteman Motar Mixer Whiteman 7 CF 5.5 HP Honda GX160  New York  United States
 Concrete for Auction  Texas  United States
 Concrete Traffic Barriers  Texas  United States
 Granite Slabs - 5 Containers  Texas  United States
 Granite Pieces  Texas  United States
 cement blocks  Wisconsin  United States
 Moonstone    United Kingdom
 03100-Concrete formwork
 Parking Garage Concrete Forms Package ---COMPLETE!---  Nevada  United States
 Extruded aluminum concrete t bar  Texas  United States
 03125-Form liners
 03150-Concrete Accessories
 Expansion Bolts  California  United States
 Diamond Blades  Massachusetts  United States
 Hiti Impact anchor HPS-1 1/4"X1 5/8": Item No.: 00260344  Utah  United States
 Cement recovery forms  British Columbia  Canada
 Excess Concrete Recovery Molds  British Columbia  Canada
 03170-Tool-driven concrete fasteners
 03200-Concrete reinforcement
 SikaWrap 103C Carbon Fiber Material  Texas  United States
 03300-Cast-in-place concrete
 Simpson Strong Tie Set-XP Anchoring Adhesive  Florida  United States
 03360-Concrete finishes
 Epoxy paint 2-Part  Florida  United States
 Epoxy paint 1-Part  Florida  United States
 Lumiseal FX  Minnesota  United States
 03370-Specially-placed concrete
 03390-Concrete curling
 03400-Precast concrete
 03410-Structural precast concrete building systems
 03412-Precast insulated foundation systems
 03450-Architectural precast concrete
 03500-Cecmentitious decks
 Fiber Cement Siding (12" - 5 Truck Loads)  Texas  United States
 03540-Cementitious underlayments
 03900-Concrete restoration & cleaning
 6 Pallets of Carbon Brick  California  United States
 04065-Masonry mortar& masonry grout
 Veneer Pointing Mortar  Texas  United States
 Thin Veneer Mortar  Texas  United States
 04082-Masonry anchorage, reinforcement & accessories
 Ryolex Perlite masonry fill insulation  Minnesota  United States
 04084-Stone anchors
 04200-Masonry units
 Diamond Blades  Massachusetts  United States
 BELDEN Jumbo Brick  New Jersey  United States
 04214-Clay tile trim
 Ceramic Tile  Texas  United States
 04220-Concrete masonry units
 Red brick leftover  New Jersey  United States
 Custom Molds  Texas  United States
 04260-Acoustical control masonry units
 04270-Glass masonry units
 Diffused Glass Block  California  United States
 Granite Pavers NEW 10,000 piece surplus lot willing to trade or sell  California  United States
 Blue Irregular & Cut Flagstones  Maryland  United States
 Blue stones  Massachusetts  United States
 FS: Dolomite - 15,000 Tons  New Jersey  United States
 Commercial Grade Quarry Tile and others  New Jersey  United States
 Environmental Stone Works  New Jersey  United States
 Commercial Grade Quarry Tile and others  New Jersey  United States
 Commercial Grade Quarry Tile and others  New Jersey  United States
 Approx. 12 tons of Flagstone / Fieldstone (Flag Field Stone)  North Carolina  United States
 Slate For Flooring 3500 Sq. Feet  Texas  United States
 Eldorado Stone  Washington  United States
 Italian Travertine Slabs  Georgia  United States
 Green Marble Tile  Iowa  United States
 Flooring - Marble, Slate, Ceramic, and Laminate  Texas  United States
 Marble carving sculpture, goddess sculpture, sexy female sculpture    China
 Marble carving fireplace mantel    China
 Marble carving cherub angel sculpture    China
 White Limestone Slab  California  United States
 Granite Pavers, Outdoor use.  Florida  United States
 Pre-fabricated QUARTZ vanities 25"-61"----- 85$-185$  Minnesota  United States
 Granite Countertops  New Jersey  United States
 Quartz Vanity Tops  Pennsylvania  United States
 Granite Slabs and Container  Texas  United States
 Prefab granite countertops  Utah  United States
 Pallet of Slate  California  United States
 FS: Slate Roofing 9x16  South Carolina  United States
 04418-Reconstructed stone
 04419-Decorative stone aggregates
 BRICKS AND OTHER ITEMS  Georgia  United States
 Pepple Stone    China
 Red River Stone    China
 Black Pepple Stone    China
 04550-Flue liners
 04600-Corrosion-resistant masonry
 04700-Simulated/manufacured masonry
 04720-Cast stone
 Chamfered Veneer Unit  Indiana  United States
 04730-Simulated/manufactured stone
 Coronado Stone Italian Villa Sunset Blend  Georgia  United States
 04800-Masonry assemblies
 04810-Unit masonry wall assemblies
 04812-Masonry veneer assemblies
 04840-Preassembled masonry panels
 04850-Stone assemblies
 Inlet Manifold Assembly  Texas  United States
 Ceramic Tiles  Texas  United States
 Natural Stone  Quebec  Canada
 04900-Masonry restoration & cleaning
 05060-Metal materials
 Metal Lath (2.5 square yards) & Expanded Flange Square Casing  Arkansas  United States
 Stainless Steel Flanges  California  United States
 Metal Building Products and component solutions  California  United States
 TRA-MAGE Clamp On Snow Fence  Colorado  United States
 Steel Pipe  New York  United States
 Downspouts and Elbows  Ohio  United States
 Galvanized Steel, Footwalk  Texas  United States
 Hardware: Concrete Anchor Bolts & Stainless Steel Machine Bolts  Texas  United States
 Interior stair parts  Texas  United States
 Structural Steel I-Beam  Texas  United States
 Sheet Piling  Texas  United States
 Pipe Braces  Texas  United States
 Bronze 48" Wide Multiwall Polycarbonate, 6mm  Wisconsin  United States
 Selling Metal Mosaic Tile For Wall Backsplash Decoration    China
 Copper Tubes    Panama
 05080-Metal coatings
 05090-Metal fastenings
 Nails, 10D 3"  California  United States
 EMT 3" Coupling  Florida  United States
 Melfast  New Jersey  United States
 05100-Structural metal framing
 Steel Buildings for Sale  Arkansas  United States
 Iron Mesh Panels  California  United States
 Steel studs and track  California  United States
 STEEL I-BEAMS 12FT 8"X12"X1/2"  Illinois  United States
 Metal Studs and Track  Nevada  United States
 Metal Studs and Track 50% off  New Hampshire  United States
 Steel Frame Structure  Ohio  United States
 05150-Wire rope assemblies
 05165-Space frame systems
 05200-Metal joists
 STEEL JOIST 14FT-20FT 12  Illinois  United States
 05300-Metal decking
 N-Decking  Florida  United States
 05380-Bridge flooring
 05400-Cold-formed metal framing
 Resilient channel 25 gauge 12' lenghts  Texas  United States
 05500-Metal fabrications
 05515-Ladders & rungs
 05532-Gratings & trench covers
 05542-Floor plates
 05560-Metal castings
 05584-Enclosures & pockets
 05586-Architectual metalwork
 05588-Metal moldings
 Metal Roofing  Texas  United States
 05712-Straight run stairs
 05715-Spiral & circular stairs
 05720-Railings & handrails
 Keuka Studios  New York  United States
 metal balusters  Texas  United States
 05723-Treads & nosings
 05735-Perforated metals
 05800-Expansion control
06-Wood & Plastics
 Plywood- Select Red Oak-Wheat NAUF-FSC  California  United States
 Plywood- Red Oak- Wheat CARB 2  California  United States
 Brand new Simpson steal strong walls SSW 24"X9', SSW18"X9', SSW 15"X9'  California  United States
 Pre-Stained Cedar Shingles  Connecticut  United States
 Dimensional Lumber & Assorted Trim, 50% Off Retail  Georgia  United States
 Acetylated wood 5/4 x 6 x varios lengths to 16'  Maine  United States
 PINE BEAMS S4S NEW (TRAVERSE CITY)  Michigan  United States
 Hardi cedarmill plank siding  Minnesota  United States
 Hardi Siding  New Hampshire  United States
 smooth and rough cut cedar  Ohio  United States
 Lumber (2 Railcars)  Texas  United States
 Plywood Poplar Core  Texas  United States
 Meranti and White Birch Plywood  Texas  United States
 OSB (One Truckload)  Texas  United States
 Lumber 2 x 6 SYP 3 S4S KD / 23.552 MBF  Texas  United States
 Lumber SP 4 Grade KD S4S  Texas  United States
 Plywood S2S and Molding FJ (8,346.96 MSF)  Texas  United States
 Lumber 2x6x14 (23,296 ft)  Texas  United States
 White Fir Lumber  Texas  United States
 Lumber 18,816 pcs  Texas  United States
 Truss Joist Engineered Wood  Ontario  Canada
 06070-Wood treatments
 06080-Wood coatings
 Wood Panels (16,650 Ft.)  Louisiana  United States
 Plywood - 4mm, 48.5" x 96.5" White Birch  Maryland  United States
 Paulownia Plywood (1,580 pcs)  Massachusetts  United States
 Birch Plywood, 18mm C Face / D Back  Oregon  United States
 06092-Connectors & supports
 Sheetrock 1/2" (6,356 pcs)  Texas  United States
 Surebond SriTac 7300  Ohio  United States
 06130-Heavy timber construction
 Dewalt 16  California  United States
 06150-Wood decking
 Ramin and Assorted Wood  California  United States
 Laminate Wood Wilsonart Brand - QUICK SALE  Florida  United States
 Acetylated SYP Decking 5/4 x 6 x 12' & 16'  Maine  United States
 Plywood - 4mm, 48.5" x 96.5" White Birch  Maryland  United States
 Composite Decking  New Hampshire  United States
 Paulownia Plywood (370 Pcs)  New Jersey  United States
 cedar  New York  United States
 Solid Wood Pillars  Texas  United States
 Gypsum Wallboard (1,142 Pcs) QUICK SALE  Texas  United States
 Decking Board  Texas  United States
 06162-Fiberboard sheets
 Melamine - Roseburg Duramine Decorative Melamine  Texas  United States
 06164-Laminated & processed sheets
 New Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood Sheets  Pennsylvania  United States
 Abet Laminati exterior panels  Pennsylvania  United States
 White Maple, 1/4  Texas  United States
 we can offer high quality birch plywood from China    China
 we can offer high quality natural birch plywood from China    China
 06170-Prefabricated structural wood
 Plywood (1,309 pcs)  Georgia  United States
 06172-Prefabricated wood joists & trusses
 T.G.I Trusses L-90.  California  United States
 roof trusses  Michigan  United States
 TJI Joists  Minnesota  United States
 Engineered Roof Tursses  Pennsylvania  United States
 06180-Glued-laminated timber
 Glu-Lam Beams. Many Sizes Available.  California  United States
 Kraft Paper Plywood to USA from China manufacture    China
 06182-Glued-laminated decking
 06250-Prefinished paneling
 Melamine boards. Over 15,000 bd. ft.! 4X8 sheets white, black , a little maple  Colorado  United States
 Hardwood flooring in 3 species and colors  Texas  United States
 06260-Board paneling
 Strand Board  Texas  United States
 06400-Architectual woodwork
 50 ft Fypon Railing System Exterior  California  United States
 Fypon Millwork  New Hampshire  United States
 Hardwood Veneered Plywood  North Carolina  United States
 06412-Cabinet & drawer hardware
 Full Extension Drawer Slides- SL17: 200 lb.  California  United States
 Cabinet Doors  Ohio  United States
 06420-Wood paneling
 Wood Strippers - Stains and Clearcoats  Texas  United States
 CDX Plywood-18mm  Texas  United States
 Plywood 3/8" and 3/16"  Texas  United States
 06422-Wood veneers & flitches
 Designer Furniture Vanity  Tennessee  United States
 Brand New 6mm Laminate Flooring (756.96 sq ft)  California  United States
 ODD LOTS of laminate flooring  New York  United States
 Tile Laminate  New York  United States
 Laminate Flooring  New York  United States
 06430-Wood stairs & handrails
 31" White Staircase Spindles  Maryland  United States
 Decorative Indoor Wood Panels White Oak  South Carolina  United States
 Black Walnut Mantels -- Kiln Dried Rough Cut Lumber  Texas  United States
 06440-Wood moldings & ornaments
 Reclaimed/Antique Heart Pine Flooring $3.25/sq ft.  Alabama  United States
 Loose Molding & Trim  Maryland  United States
 Baseboard Trim  Ohio  United States
 Plywood (Maple, White Oak, Red Alder,Hickory & Khaya)  Texas  United States
 Maple Crown Moulding  Washington  United States
 06442-Ornamental columns
 06446-Simulated architectual woodwork
 06500-Structural plastics
 06600-Plastic fabrications
 Balustrades (Melton Classics) Polyurethane  Tennessee  United States
 06610-Glass fiber-reinforced plastic
 Polycarbonate Skylights  Texas  United States
 06650-Solid polymer fabrications
 Porcelain Tiles (2 Truckloads)  Tennessee  United States
 06900-Wood & plastic restoration & cleaning
 Prefinished Solid Tiger Wood  New Jersey  United States
 Plywood - 18mm 4x8 C-2 Birch (3,640 pcs)  Texas  United States
07-Thermal & Moisture Protection
 07100-Waterproofing & dampproofing
 WR GRACE  California  United States
 WR GRACE  California  United States
 WATERPROOFING MATERIALS FOR SALE!!!!  California  United States
 HANOVERS AND BISON PAVERS!!!!!!  California  United States
 HANOVERS AND BISON FOR SALE!!!  California  United States
 BASF HLM 5000R waterproofing- below grade  Florida  United States
 Protectosil® CHEM-TRETE® BSM 400  Maryland  United States
 Protectosil® CHEM-TRETE® BSM 400  Maryland  United States
 20 Mil Crawl Space Vapor Barrier, SilverBack  New Jersey  United States
 titebond metal roof sealant weather master  Oklahoma  United States
 Laticrete Waterproofing Membrane - 9235 - 6 gal.  Texas  United States
 Waterproof and Protective Coating  Ontario  Canada
 07180-Traffic coatings
 07190-Water repellents
 07200-Thermal protection
 Armaflex Microban Foam Rubber Pipe Insulation Truck Load Huge Lot Armacell $35K Retail  Kentucky  United States
 Single Bubble White/Foil Insulation  Minnesota  United States
 ThermaGlas Insulation - Owens Corning  Tennessee  United States
 Calsium Silicate Pipe Support    China
 Calcium Silicate Insulation    China
 Pipe Insulation    China
 07210-Building insulation
 Steel Building Insulation for Sale  Arkansas  United States
 3" Dow Blue Board  California  United States
 3" Dow Blue Board  California  United States
 Dow Square Edge rigid Insulation Foam  California  United States
 Thermafiber Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets  Connecticut  United States
 Homasote  Iowa  United States
 Homesite insulation  Iowa  United States
 6" and 4" WMP50 White vinyl backed fiberglass Insulation  Kentucky  United States
 Kimberly Clark Disposable Jumpsuits  New York  United States
 Cellulose  Wisconsin  United States
 07220-Roof & deck insulation
 AC Foam II Polyiso Roof Insualtion  Arkansas  United States
 Glidden Hydro Sealer Primer  Florida  United States
 Taylor MS Plus 4-Gal. Advance Wood Flooring Adhesive- (Suwanee)  Georgia  United States
 georgia paciffic dense deck roof system  Maryland  United States
 Designer Fabric Remnants / 17 PalletsFiber Glass Tissue Mat  Texas  United States
 07230-Cold storage insulation
 Heatcraft Inc Cooler -Used Units  Tennessee  United States
 07240-Exterior insulation & finish systems
 EIFS cornice moulding  Texas  United States
 07248-Insulation fastening accessories
 07260-Vapor retarders
 07272-Air infiltration barriers
 Barricade Construction Seam Tape  New Jersey  United States
 07300-Shingles, roof tiles & roof coverings
 07320-Roof tiles
 Particle Board - Melamine - 46,299 LBS (QUICK SALE)  Arkansas  United States
 Clay Roofing Tiles  California  United States
 Spanish Barrel Roof tiles  Massachusetts  United States
 100 Squares (10,000 SF) of Maxitile P10 Terracotta Lightweight Red Spanish Tile  Wisconsin  United States
 07325-Roofing tile fastening accessories
 07400-Roofing & sliding panels
 Truckloads Of Vinyl Siding, Trim and Soffit  Indiana  United States
 07410-Roof & wall panels
 Wet Wallboard  Texas  United States
 07415-Wall panels
 2? Insulated Metal Panels.  Virginia  United States
 HeartTech Dutchlap Siding  Iowa  United States
 James Hardi Trim (Colors Plus) Sail cloth  Nebraska  United States
 CertainTeed perfection shingle, cement siding  New York  United States
 07500-Membrane roofing
 07510-Built-up bituminous roofing
 07520-Cold-applied bituminous roofing
 Tremco BURmastic Adhesive for cold applied roof applications  Kansas  United States
 07530-Elastomeric membrane roofing
 07560-Fluid-applied roofing
 07590-Roof maintenance & repair
 Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board - Truckload  Texas  United States
 07600-Flashings & sheet metal
 Kick out flashing  New Jersey  United States
 07610-Metal roofing
 titebond metal roof sealant weather master  Oklahoma  United States
 07620-Sheet metal flashings & trim
 07645-Preformed flashings
 07650-Flexible flashings
 07710-Prefabricated roof specialties
 07715-Fascias, soffit panels & penthouse enclosures
 07720-Roof accessories
 Nails  California  United States
 USG Securock roofing boards  Connecticut  United States
 Smooth Shank Coil Roofing Nails, Box of 7200  Pennsylvania  United States
 Securock Gypsum Fiber Roof Board, 1/2" (1,80 Pcs)  Texas  United States
 07762-Roof pavers & ballast materials
 07812-Applied fireproofing
 HILTI FIRE BLOCK FS 657  Texas  United States
 07870-Smoke contaiment barriers
 07915-Sealants, caulking & seals
 Dow Corning 795 silicone sealant/adhesive - 20 oz. sausage case (16 per case)  Florida  United States
 Backer rod 1-1/2 inch  New Jersey  United States
 Roxul AFB 3x16x8  New York  United States
08-Doors & Windows
 08100-Metal doors & frames
 Assorted Interior and Exterior Doors  Georgia  United States
 Church relocating doors and windows for sale  Missouri  United States
 Johnson Hardware - Sliding Multi-Pass Door Hardware - Custom Length  New York  United States
 Aluminum & Glass Entry Doors  New York  United States
 Commercial Front Doors & Entry Doors  Pennsylvania  United States
 Metal Door Distributors  Pennsylvania  United States
 Ceco 14 gauge fire rated doors 3/0  Tennessee  United States
 08150-Preassembled metal door & frame units
 New Therma Tru 6 panel entry door  Pennsylvania  United States
 New Therma Tru entry door with side lights  Pennsylvania  United States
 08166-Glased metal patio doors
 14 New Milgard Dual Paned Sliding Glass Patio Doors and Windows. Sitting on the jobsite and in the way, they have to go ASAP.  California  United States
 Sun Shades / Patio Window Shades Overstock Brand New Sealed in Packaging  Minnesota  United States
 Screen & Storm Window Casement Operators  Texas  United States
 08180-Metal screen & storm doors
 Larson storm door Hunter green  California  United States
 stainless steel window screen mesh    China
 08200-Wood & plastic doors & frames
 Krosscore Door Slabs and Prehungs  Arizona  United States
 (353) Plastpro PRS60 fiberglass doors for sale  California  United States
 PINE SOUTHWEST DOORS  California  United States
 CLEARANCE DOORS & BIFOLDS- HALF PRICE! **  Florida  United States
 Brazilian Mahogany Interior Doors  Florida  United States
 Flat panel oak door slabs 30"x 80" and 28"x 80"  Illinois  United States
 Fire Rated Solid Wood Doors  Louisiana  United States
 Hundreds of doors of all types & sizes  Louisiana  United States
 New Pine Door (Traverse City)  Michigan  United States
 New Oak Double Door (Traverse City)  Michigan  United States
 New Wood Harbor Interior Doors (Traverse City)  Michigan  United States
 Brand new doors for sale!  Michigan  United States
 Interior wood grain 6-panel  New Hampshire  United States
 Interior wood grain 6-panel doors  New Hampshire  United States
 Solid Hardwood Doors & Cabinets  Texas  United States
 Plywood Ends Boards  West Virginia  United States
 08250-Preassembled wood & plastic door & frame units
 Interior doors - residential lovely  California  United States
 Anderson door (400 series FW03168) and satin nickel hardware  California  United States
 Veneer, Red Oak (21,000 Sheets)  Quebec  Canada
 08266-Glased wood & plastic patio doors
 08270-Door louvers & vision lights
 08300-Specialty doors
 Kolbe Wood/Clad Exterior Door  New Jersey  United States
 Andersen Sliding Door and Panels  New York  United States
 Hafele Top Hung System Track for sliding doors  New York  United States
 panelfold  Pennsylvania  United States
 Rayco Door and Window system  Texas  United States
 08310-Access doors & panels
 Motorized Commercial Garage Doors  Georgia  United States
 bedroom frames in  Texas  United States
 08314-Sliding doors & grilles
 Slider 2'6" x 6'6"  New Hampshire  United States
 08320-Detection/security doors
 Fire Rated Access Door KARP KRP-150FR 16x16  New Jersey  United States
 24V boxed power supply  North Carolina  United States
 08330-Coiling doors & grilles
 08342-Industrial & hangar doors
 Storage Lockers, Swing and Roll Up Doors  Connecticut  United States
 08344-Hangar doors
 08345-Corrosion-resistant doors
 08346-Darkroom doors
 08348-Sound control doors
 08350-Folding doors & grilles
 Bi-Fold Doors  Maryland  United States
 Lemieux Bi-fold Closet Doors  New Hampshire  United States
 08352-Folding fire barriers
 08360-Upward-acting sectional doors
 08380-Traffic/impact doors
 08392-Airtight & watertight doors
 08394-Blast-resistant doors
 08400-Entrances & storefronts
 08460-Automatic entrance doors
 08462-Automatic sliding flat panel entrance doors
 Automatic Color Steel Cheap Garage Doors    China
 08464-Automatic sliding circular entrance doors
 08470-Revolving entrance doors
 08480-Balanced entrance doors
 Marvin Double Hung Window Sash  California  United States
 Marvin Double Hung Window Sash  California  United States
 Variety of Windows & Doors - Log Home Builder OUT OF BUSINESS  Florida  United States
 Acrylic Glass Block Awning  Georgia  United States
 Assorted Windows Priced Reasonably  Georgia  United States
 Home Improvement Liquidation Sale (Baltimore, Maryland)  Maryland  United States
 Glass for sale  Mississippi  United States
 Double Hung Window  New Jersey  United States
 Double Hung Window  New Jersey  United States
 Double Hung Window  New Jersey  United States
 Double Hung Window  New Jersey  United States
 Round-Top Window  New Jersey  United States
 Double Window  New Jersey  United States
 Kolbe Wood/Clad Casement Window  New Jersey  United States
 Kolbe Wood/Clad Window  New Jersey  United States
 08505-Metal windows
 08550-Wood windows
 Harvey Casement Windows  Connecticut  United States
 Casement Windows  Georgia  United States
 Lumber, Treated (1,034 pcs)  Kansas  United States
 Kolbe Wood Double Hung  New Jersey  United States
 Kolbe Windows & Door  New Jersey  United States
 Clad Marvin Assembly CN 3026 RO 75 3/4  New Jersey  United States
 08560-Vinyl windows
 BRAND NEW Amerimax Retro Windows  California  United States
 31x49 vinyl post construction windows  Maryland  United States
 Brand New - Never Used Diamond Windows for sell  Massachusetts  United States
 08570-Composite windows
 08572-Fiberglass windows
 08581-Detention/security windows & screens
 08582-Pass & observation windows
 08583-Sound control windows
 08584-Exterior window shutters
 08586-Storm sash & screens
 08590-Replacement windows
 president  California  United States
 Pentagon Gable Window - 87" Wide  Minnesota  United States
 08620-Unit skylights
 Velux Skylight  Ohio  United States
 08625-Skylight structures
 08710-Door hardware
 doors stops  Georgia  United States
 Door Closers  Massachusetts  United States
 Baldwin Door Levers - Brand new - Set of Eight  Michigan  United States
 Door hardware - Interior Emtek - $20 (Traverse City)  Michigan  United States
 Stanley BEST 7KC Passage Locks  Missouri  United States
 Kaba Mas X-09 High Security Lock NIB  Texas  United States
 Discount Locks    United Kingdom
 08712-Exit devices
 8801-36 Adams Rite Narrow Stile Rim Exit Device, 36" - $500  Texas  United States
 Von Duprin Surface Mounted Vertical Rod Exit Device, New in Box - $750  Texas  United States
 Von Duprin Panic Bar Exit Device 90047  Washington  United States
 08714-Sliding & folding door hardware
 08715-Door operators
 08717-Automatic door sensors
 08724-Weatherstrippping & treshholds
 08726-Fire-retardant & intumescent door seals
 08750-Window hardware
 Pilkington TEC-15 solar glass  California  United States
 frameless glass doors with casing  Georgia  United States
 Glass Shelving- Hardened Glass-Two Truckloads  Texas  United States
 5/16" tempered glass tops  Texas  United States
 Glass - New Glass for All Types of Furniture  Texas  United States
 Tempered Glass for Solar Panel    China
 08812-Decorative glazing
 08840-Plastic glazing
 08850-Glazing accessories
 08870-Glazing film
 08900-Glazed curtain walls
 08950-Translucent wall & roof assemblies
 08960-Sloped glazing assemblies
 08970-Structural glass curtain walls
 09120-Ceiling suspension
 Nails, 6D Bright Ring Shank  California  United States
 Executive Coffer TL-0016 Plaster Ceiling Tile  Indiana  United States
 New Donn DX Drop Ceiling T's $30.00 per box of 75 in quanities  Michigan  United States
 Drop / Suspended Ceiling Tile    India
 09140-Interior framing assemblies
 Interior Trim Molding- 5 Loads (Quick Sale)  Alabama  United States
 Nails, 4D Finish  California  United States
 09206-Lath & plaster
 Nails For Trim  California  United States
 Nails, 1-1/2" Furring  California  United States
 09220-Portland cement plaster/stucco
 09230-Plaster fabrications
 Sureline Brushes    Dominica
 09250-Gypsum board, framing & accessories
 4' x 8' x 1/4" Dens Deck  California  United States
 9000 Sheets, 4x12x1/2" (NEW) Lab Report Available  Florida  United States
 09255-Gypsum fabrications
 36 pallets of various ceramic tile and stone  California  United States
 ***16x16 Tile***  California  United States
 Porcelain Tile 12" X 1 2" (Polished)  Georgia  United States
 Ceiling Tile / USG 38,000 sq'  Minnesota  United States
 Ceramic Wall Tile  New Jersey  United States
 Tarkett VCT Tile  New York  United States
 Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks (41,378.80 Sq. Ft.)  New York  United States
 Travertine (stone) Tile  Ohio  United States
 granite tile  Rhode Island  United States
 Stone Mosaic Tile  Tennessee  United States
 Mosaic Tile  Tennessee  United States
 Natural Stone Mosaic Tile  Tennessee  United States
 Natural Stone Mosaic Tile  Tennessee  United States
 Natural Stone Mosaic Tile  Tennessee  United States
 Floor Registers  Tennessee  United States
 Porcelain Tiles -Full Body Polished 12" X 12"  Tennessee  United States
 8284 Pieces of Unused Granite Tile  Texas  United States
 Ceramic and Porcelain Tile  Utah  United States
 2 x 2 beige marble mosaic  Wisconsin  United States
 09305-Tile-setting materials & accessories
 GreenSkin Crack ISO (Anti-Fracture) Peel & Stick Membrane  Colorado  United States
 GreenSkin Crack ISO (Anti-Fracture) Peel & Stick Membrane  Colorado  United States
 Mapei Color Sanded Grout  Kentucky  United States
 Colorfast Caulk 10 oz. tubes/Sanded & Non-Sanded  Utah  United States
 Mapeguard SM and SM Primer by Mapei  Utah  United States
 Mapei Planicrete PM 5 Gallon Buckets  Utah  United States
 09310-Ceramic tile
 60 Bedrosian 4 x 16" Heiress Glass Tiles (Fawn colored)  California  United States
 60 Cerdomus Barrique 4 x 24" Ceramic Tiles in "Bleu"  California  United States
 Brand new, in box 24" x 24" porcelain tile 11,000 sq ft  Illinois  United States
 500,000 square feet Ceramic Tile  Texas  United States
 09330-Quarry tile
 Natural Tile - Versailles Pattern  Illinois  United States
 Countertops Stone Quartz Vanity  Pennsylvania  United States
 09370-Metal tile
 24" x 24" Terrazzo Tile  New York  United States
 09445-Terrazzo accessories
 09510-Acoustical ceilings
 09546-Integrated ceilings
 09547-Metal ceilings
 09548-Special ceiling surfaces
 Ceiling Tiles Textured Class A  Arizona  United States
 Ceiling tiles!!  Texas  United States
 09549-Light-transmitting ceilings
 09555-Mirror ceilings
 09570-Wood ceilings
 09585-Accoustical ceiling baffles & screens
 09610-Floor treatments
 Prego Wood Lamkinate with underlayment  California  United States
 5 1/4" Crown Moulding Baseboard 79 Cents!!!  Florida  United States
 Engineered Hardwood Flooring Red Oak - 24,890 sq'  Georgia  United States
 Polished Granite Slabs (7 Bundles)  Missouri  United States
 White Oak Flooring (3,661.20 Ft)  New Jersey  United States
 Teak Interior Wood Flooring  New Mexico  United States
 Alumina Ceramic Anchors (85% )- 15" Long  Pennsylvania  United States
 Fastrim Multi Piece Solid Hardwood Molding Kits  Tennessee  United States
 Wood Carpet Leveling Shims & Resilient Shims  Utah  United States
 09614-Detectable/tactile warning surfaces
 09618-Sound isolation membranes
 09624-Resilient athletic surfacing - indoor
 Galvanized Roof Panels  Texas  United States
 09630-Masonry flooring
 Granite Stone Pavers  Arkansas  United States
 Primus House Wrap for Roofing (Synthetic Polypropylene)  Missouri  United States
 09640-Wood flooring
 New in Box - Brazilian Chestnut Hardwood Flooring - 1100 sq ft for $2.67/sq ft  Arizona  United States
 Engineered Hardwood Flooring, Santos Mahogany $2.95 sq ft  California  United States
 Bruce White Oak Hardwood Flooring  California  United States
 Teak 9X9" tiles over 2800 sq. ft. unfinished. These are beautiful!  Colorado  United States
 Foundation Floors  Florida  United States
 Maple Engineered Hardwood Floor, new & unopened, 165.76 sq ft avail. - $660  Maryland  United States
 Phillipine Mahogany Wood Flooring  Massachusetts  United States
 Engineered Prefinished Hardwood only $1.69 sf  New Jersey  United States
 Hardwood Floor - 3/4 Gunstock Oak  Pennsylvania  United States
 09642-Wood athletic flooring
 09650-Resilient flooring
 Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring  New Jersey  United States
 Various VCT, Sheet Vinyl, Rubber Base, Stair Treads, Rubber Flooring, Vinyl Transitions  Utah  United States
 09652-Laminate flooring
 Brand New Laminate  Texas  United States
 Natural Look Laminate  Texas  United States
 09670-Fluid-applied flooring
 09682-Carpet cushion
 Tredmore 2580 double stick padding  California  United States
 Rugs 20" X 30"  Illinois  United States
 09684-Carpet tile
 Eco Silent Sound HD Underlayment Pad  Tennessee  United States
 09686-Indoor/outdoor carpet
 09688-Sheet carpet
 Carpet Rolls - Various  Utah  United States
 Carpet Film Protection Film  Utah  United States
 09720-Wall coverings
 09772-Special wall surfaces
 09775-Sanitary wall & ceiling panels
 09800-Acoustical treatments
 09820-Acoustical insulation & sealants
 09835-Sound diffusers & reflectors
 09840-Acoustical wall treatments
 ProForm Surface Primer  Connecticut  United States
 Latex Paint/ Paint  Delaware  United States
 Spray paint by the pallet  Florida  United States
 Paint Buckets - 5 Gallon - 50 Units  Florida  United States
 Premium 100% Acrylic Latex White Paint  Florida  United States
 Free paint. - two pallets full  Indiana  United States
 Gardner Sta Kool Cool Roof Elastomeric Coating - 7 year  Nevada  United States
 Cabot Acrylic Wood Stain - Quick Sale  New Jersey  United States
 Cabot Acrylic Wood Stain - Quick Sale  New Jersey  United States
 Latex Paint/indoor outdoor  Tennessee  United States
 Spiver Decorative Paint  Texas  United States
 09930-Stains & transparent surfaces
 09940-Decorative finishes
 Zycosil multi-surface Sealer  California  United States
 ECO Clad decorative and siding panels  California  United States
 79 Cents/Lf Crown Moulding/Baseboard (5-1/4  Florida  United States
 09960-High-performance coatings
 Elastomeric Paint  Florida  United States
 Rust Inhibitor Metal paint  Florida  United States
 09964-Fire-retardant coatings
 09966-Graffiti-resistant coatings & cleaners
 09995-Finish fasteners
 Marble Slabs (10 pcs ) UPDATED QTY  Louisiana  United States
 Nuts and Bolts  Texas  United States
 10110-Chalboards & taskboards
 display cases  New Mexico  United States
 Slatwall displays  Texas  United States
 10150-Compartments & cubicles
 10155-Toilet compartments
 Kohler bathroom fixtures  California  United States
 10190-Hospital cubicles
 10194-Cubicle hardware
 10200-Louvers & vents
 10235-Brick & block vents
 Bricks  Virginia  United States
 10240-Grilles & screens
 10260-Wall & corner guards
 Porcelain Tile  Tennessee  United States
 real cut stone for wall  Texas  United States
 10270-Access flooring
 Foundation Floors  Florida  United States
 Raised Flooring System  Georgia  United States
 10280-Prefabricated ramps & walkways
 10290-Bird & pest control
 10300-Fireplaces & stoves
 White River mantle shelf  Texas  United States
 White River mantle shelves  Texas  United States
 White River mantle shelf  Texas  United States
 New Napoleon Direct Vent Gas Fireplace  Texas  United States
 Regency P121 gold and black louvers  Virginia  United States
 10400-Identification devices
 10405-Banners & flags
 10410-Directories & bulletin boards
 10416-Computerized directories & message boards
 10420-Letters & plaques
 10426-Signage & graphics
 10450-Pedestrian control devices
 10501-Locker accessories & locks
 10512-Tenant storage compartments
 10520-Fire protection specialties
 10525-Emergency aid devices
 Handicap Evacuation Chair  Maryland  United States
 10530-Protective covers
 10550-Postal specialties
 10605-Wire mesh partitions
 10610-Folding gates
 10615-Demountable partitions
 10630-Portable partitions, screens & panels
 Ammo Cans, Collapsible Storage Tanks & Containers  Arizona  United States
 10650-Operatable partitions
 10666-Retractable grilles & closures
 10670-Storage shelving
 10705-Exterior sun control devices
 10730-Daylighting panels
 10750-Telephone specialties
 10800-Toilet, bath & laundry accessories
 Bathroom Vanity and Countertop 73"  California  United States
 Kohler K-2413 24" Vanity Brand NEW!  California  United States
 6' Soaking Tub-New  Michigan  United States
 Glass/Mosaic Tile (3 Truckloads of 45,000Lbs)  New Jersey  United States
 10824-Tub & shower doors/enclosures
 Shower Kits  New Jersey  United States
 10826-Bathroom mirrors
 Welded-Frame Mirror  Texas  United States
 10900-Wardrobe & closet specialties
 Wardrobe lifts from Grass and Servetto  Texas  United States
 Steel support brackets (Left and Right) from Grass  Texas  United States
 10914-Hat & coat racks & accessories
 10916-Closet specialties
 11012-Central vacuum cleaning systems
 11014-Window washing & building facade maintenance equipment
 11020-Security & vault equipment
 Safety Works Hard Hats  Indiana  United States
 Rolling Grilles from Metro Door  New Jersey  United States
 11030-Bank equipment
 11036-Automatic banking systems
 Pay-On-Foot Stations for Parking Garage  Texas  United States
 11038-Teller equipment systems
 11040-Ecclesiastical equipment
 11050-Library equipment
 11060-Theater & stage equipment
 11070-Musical instrument equipment
 11090-Checkroom equipment
 11100-Merchantile equipment
 11106-Merchandising/display equipment
 Pipe Fittings for Plumbing  Texas  United States
 11110-Commercial laundry & dry-cleaning equipment
 11120-Vending equipment
 11130-Audio-visual equipment
 11132-Projection screens
 11133-Motorized projection screen covers& carriers
 Pumps, Valves & Hoses  Arizona  United States
 11134-Multimedia theater systems
 11138-Conference room equipment
 11150-Parking control equipment
 11160-Loading dock equipment
 11 3/4" 60 TN110HS TSH W513 DPLS R3 Surplus Casing (6,280 Feet)    Angola
 11170-Solid waste handling equipment
 11172-Waste compactors & destructors
 11175-Waste chutes & collectors
 11190-Detention equipment
 11200-Water supply & treatment equipment
 FS: Pall Trinity S/S Filter Cartridge  New Jersey  United States
 11400-Food service equipment
 Commercial & Field Food Service Equipment  Arizona  United States
 Commercial & Field Food Service Equipment  Arizona  United States
 GE Electric Stove - New  California  United States
 11406-Walk-in coolers & freezers
 11410-Food preparation appliances
 Commercial & Field Food Service Equipment  Arizona  United States
 Bunn Coffee Maker  California  United States
 2 new stoves  California  United States
 Yield King Smoker  California  United States
 Alto-Shaam 750-S Warming Cabinet  California  United States
 11425-Kitchen hood & ventilation equipment
 Tredmor 2568 Commercial Carpet Padding  Georgia  United States
 Classic Single Handle Shower Trim Kit (Price Pfister)  Virginia  United States
 11434-Serving line units
 11435-Ice machines
 11448-Food service water treatment equipment
 11452-Residential appliances
 Dishwasher - New  California  United States
 Evaporatiing Blowing Units  Tennessee  United States
 Building Materials - 2.1 Million Liquidation Sale discounted over 85%  Texas  United States
 11455-Kitchen & bath cabinets
 Bathroom Doors, Enclosures and Tubs  New Jersey  United States
 Roman Tub With 2 Handles Faucet Trim (Price Pfister)  Virginia  United States
 11457-Television units & accessories
 11458-Disappearing stairs
 11459-Emergency escapes & protective equipment
 N95 Particulate Respirator Masks - 1st Quality & Retail Ready: FOB: TN  Tennessee  United States
 11460-Unit kitchens
 Wine Fridge  Illinois  United States
 Deep Freezer  Illinois  United States
 11470-Photographic & graphic arts equipment
 11480-Athletic, recreational & therapeutic equipment
 Dock Floats for Building Recreational Floating Boat Docks  Arkansas  United States
 11484-Fitness training equipment
 11486-Shooting range equipment
 11500-Industrial & Process Equipment
 Individual Equipment & Field Gear  Arizona  United States
 Individual Equipment & Field Gear  Arizona  United States
 Ammo Cans Collapsible Storage Tanks & Containers  Arizona  United States
 Pumps, Valves & Hoses  Arizona  United States
 Individual Equipment & Field Gear  Arizona  United States
 Pumps, Valves & Hoses  Arizona  United States
 Halsty - Industrial Sander for Cabinet Making  California  United States
 Vinyl Wallcovering / Commercial Grade By Koroseal  California  United States
 Silk Screen Printing Equipment  California  United States
 Bosch 7-1/4" x 24 Tooth Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blade  Idaho  United States
 President  Massachusetts  United States
 9 5/8" - 18 3/4" Surplus Casing Accessories  Texas  United States
 Rheem Ruud Water Heaters  Texas  United States
 4" - 37 1/64" Surplus Casing Accessories  Texas  United States
 Outside Roofing Trim  Texas  United States
 13 5/8" 88.2 TN125SS TSH W523-DPLS R3 Surplus Casing (30,360 Feet)    Angola
 13 5/8 88.2 TN125SS TSH W523-DPLS R3 Surplus Casing (30,360 Feet)    Angola
 16" 95 L80 Type 1 TSH W523-DPLS Surplus Casing (2,640 Feet)    Denmark
 11 3/4" 60 TN110SS TSH W523-DPLS R3 Surplus Casing (6,280 Feet)    Denmark
 9 5/8" 53.5 TN110HS TSH BLUE DPLS-SC R3 Surplus Casing (90,960 Feet)    Angola
 9 7/8 65.1 TN110HS TSH W523-DPLS R3 Surplus Casing (69,400 Feet)    Angola
 11530-Industrial safety equipment
 Hilti KB3 Anchors- Lowest Price - $1 (Poway)  California  United States
 EYE NUTS- Lowest price you will see - $2 (Poway)  California  United States
 Plumbing Supplies  Tennessee  United States
 11600-Laboratory equipment
 11650-Planetarium equipment
 11670-Educational equipment
 11700-Medical & hospital equipment
 Dentist Chair & Slimming Chair    Italy
 11720-Examination & treatment equipment
 11730-Patient care equipment
 11780-Mortuary equipment
 11785-Mausoleum equipment
 Stained Glass Window Panels from 1790's - Shakespeare  Texas  United States
 12300-Manufactured casework
 Porecelain Tile  California  United States
 12310-Metal casework
 12320-Wood casework
 White River full surround mantle  Texas  United States
 White River full surround mantle  Texas  United States
 White River mantle shelf  Texas  United States
 12322-Plastic/plastic laminate-faced casework
 12350-Specialty casework
 12351-Musical instrument & performance wardrobe casework
 12352-Laboratory casework
 12354-Medical casework
 12358-Display casework
 AICO Michael Amini China Cabinet  Texas  United States
 12362-Furniture drawers
 New Entertainment cabinet/Amorie - beautiful  California  United States
 12460-Furnishing accessories
 Galvanized Steel Fence Pipe (QUICK SALE)  California  United States
 White Quartz Counter Material  Alberta  Canada
 12484-Floor mats & frames
 3/4" Solid Exotic Flooring from Brazil  South Carolina  United States
 12492-Blinds, shades & interior shutters
 Unused Window Shutters  Texas  United States
 White PVC Window Blinds -- Various Sizes (Qty 4,490 Blinds)  Texas  United States
 12495-Draperies & curtains
 12496-Drapery & curtain hardware
 12498-Motorized hardware - blinds, shades, draperies
 12506-Room dividers & screens
 12510-Office furniture
 Oak roll top desk - BRAND NEW  California  United States
 12544-Restaurant/bar furniture
 12562-Dormitory furniture
 12563-Health care furniture
 12564-Mailroom furniture
 12565-Classroom/library furniture
 12566-Computer/communications furniture & accessories
 12567-Ecclesiastical furniture
 12570-Folding wall furniture
 12600-Multiple seating
 12612-Fixed audience seating
 Zucchetti Taps - Luxury Design ( Italiano)    Spain
 12620-Portable audience seating
 12640-Booths & tables
 White table & chairs  California  United States
 Beveled glass coffee table  California  United States
 12650-Multiple-use fixed seating
 12660-Telescoping stands
 12670-Pews & benches
 Beautiful white couch  California  United States
 12700-Systems furniture
 12800-Interior plants & planters
 Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets & Vanities  Missouri  United States
 Kitchen Cabinets  North Carolina  United States
13-Special Construction
 12955-Foam fire-extinguishing systems
 13030-Special purpose rooms
 Ammo Cans, Collapsible Storage Tanks & Containers  Arizona  United States
 Modular Buildings  Texas  United States
 13032-Athletic rooms
 13034-Sound-conditioned rooms
 13036-Precision-controlled environments
 13038-Cold storage rooms & buildings
 13039-Wine storage rooms
 13044-Computer rooms
 13046-Shelters & booths
 13052-Saunas & equipment
 13054-Steam baths & equipment
 13056-Modular protective rooms & vaults
 Full Set of Kitchen Cabinets - Qty: 3  Texas  United States
 13058-Bathroom modules
 Kitchen and Bathroom - Deluxe Swivel Mate Aerator  Florida  United States
 Glass Bottles (750mL)  Georgia  United States
 Corian Sheets Counter and Back Splash  West Virginia  United States
 Assorted Shower Panel Thermostat    Spain
 13070-Bullet-resistant protection
 13072-Blast-resistant construction
 13074-Pressure-relief panel assemblies
 13080-Sound, vibration & seismic control
 13090-Radiation protection
 13095-Radio frequency-sheilded enclosures
 Massive LOT of Excess Material from Cell Tower Construction - NEVER USED  Illinois  United States
 13100-Lightning protection
 13121-Pre-engineered buildings
 Large pine tree suitable for log homes  Connecticut  United States
 13122-Metal building systems
 Cast Iron (High Chrome) Steel Mill Rollers 1085 MT    Philippines
 13125-Grandstands & bleachers
 13130-Cable-supported & fabric structures
 13132-Dome structures
 6FT BY 60 FT Long Steel Culvert (Used)  Texas  United States
 13134-Glazed structures
 13136-Portable & mobile buildings
 13138-Mezzanine systems
 13140-Equipment/storage enclosures
 13142-Pre-engineered concrete systems
 13144-Prefabricated residential structures
 13147-Pre-engineered wood component systems
 13148-Pre-engineered parking structures
 13150-Swimming pool enclosures
 13152-Swimming pools & equipment
 13165-Aquatic park facilities
 Line Pipe, Fiberglass, 4in, 3000A  Wyoming  United States
 13172-Whirlpool spas & hot tubs
 13174-Therapeutic pools
 13175-Ice rinks
 13200-Liquid & gas storage tanks & basins
 FS: S/S Open Tanks / Vats  New Jersey  United States
 FS: 275 Gallon IBC Totes - FOOD-GRADE  New Jersey  United States
 13217-Tank lining
 13282-Hazardous materials containment
 13602-Solar energy systems
 13700-Security access & surveillance
 13800-Building automation & control
 Sheetrock 1/2" x 12' (646 Pcs)  Texas  United States
 13830-Clock control systems
 13850-Detection & alarm
 13870-Residential automation & control
 HUBBLE LHMTD2W  Texas  United States
 HUBBELL OMNIDT2000/White  Texas  United States
14-Conveying Systems
 Lift piston  Arizona  United States
 2 Door, 3 Floor Twin Jack Roped Hydro Freight Elevator  Nevada  United States
 14205-Passenger cabs
 14210-Electric traction elevators
 14235-Residential elevators
 14240-Hydraulic elevators
 14320-Moving walks
 14410-People lifts
 14420-Wheelchair lifts
 14425-Stair lifts
 14450-Vehicle lifts
 14460-Material handling lifts
 14500-Materials handling
 14520-Hospital transport
 14525-Cart conveyors
 14555-Vertical reciprocating conveyors
 14580-Pheumatic tube systems
 14595-Equipment rollers & casters
 14600-Hoists & cranes
 14840-Powered scaffolding
 15062-Hangers & supports
 Drywall 5/8 USG 1 Truckload  Oregon  United States
 15070-Mecanical sound, vibration & seismic control
 15075-Mechanical identification
 15077-Mecanical equipment cabinets & enclosures
 Ammo Cans, Collapsible Storage Tanks & Containers  Arizona  United States
 15080-Mechanical insulation
 Assorted Linoleum Rolls and Marmoleum Dual Tile  New Jersey  United States
 15082-Duct insulation
 15084-Equipment insulation
 15086-Piping insulation
 15105-Pipes & tubes
 Pipe, PVC  California  United States
 Schedule 40 Carbon Steel Pipe  Pennsylvania  United States
 Individual Equipment & Field Gear  Arizona  United States
 FS: ITT 3" Gate Valves S/S  New Jersey  United States
 15120-Piping specialties
 Ductile iron fittings and valves  Mississippi  United States
 15164-Floor & roof drains
 15210-Process air & gas piping
 15300-Fire protection piping
 15410-Plumbing fixtures
 Duravit Bathtub  California  United States
 Jacuzzi Whirlpool bathtub  Colorado  United States
 15412-Water coolers & drinking fountains
 15416-Wash fountains
 15418-Safety showers
 15426-Fittings, trim & accessories
 Dyn-o-vent part 61101  New Jersey  United States
 Dyn-o-vent item 6137  New Jersey  United States
 15460-Domestic water conditioning equipment
 15470-Water filtration equipment
 15480-Domestic water heaters & enclosures
 Water Heaters - New  California  United States
 Rheem RTG-84DVLN Direct Vent Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater  Tennessee  United States
 15510-Heating boilers & accessories
 15540-Fuel-fired heaters
 15550-Breechings, chimneys & stacks
 15700-Heating, ventilating & airconditioning equipment
 Natural gas space heaters  Illinois  United States
 Natural gas space heaters  Illinois  United States
 15720-Air handling units
 Air Conditioner Filters  New Jersey  United States
 15760-Terminal heating & cooling units
 PTAC sleeves  Arizona  United States
 15762-Convectors & radiators
 15764-Unit heaters
 15773-Electric heating cables, mats, modules, panels & controls
 15775-Hydronic heating systems, cables & piping
 15780-Energy recovering equipment
 Harrison Superduct 10' Long 12" diameter pipe, Plastic Ducting  California  United States
 HARRISON SUPERDUCT PVC 12" 90 degree Elbow Fitting, Plastic Ducting  California  United States
 HARRISON SUPERDUCT PVC 12" 45 Degree Elbow Fitting, Plastic ducting  California  United States
 15820-Duct accessories
 15824-Ductwork sound attenuators
 15830-Air handling fans
 Miele hood vent  California  United States
 15842-Air curtain units
 15852-Registers, grilles & diffusers
 15862-Air cleaning devices
 15864-Fume exhaust equipment
 16060-Grounding & bonding
 16118-Power & communications columns
 Electrical Hardware, Power & Distribution Equipment  Arizona  United States
 KAL36250 CB  California  United States
 BPS 1 AMP power supply  Maryland  United States
 Hoffman Enclosures & AC Units  Texas  United States
 16120-Conductors & cables
 AC Units- Commerical Size- HVAC  Texas  United States
 16128-Undercarpet cabling systems
 16130-Raceways & boxes
 CES BLOWOUT SALE  Texas  United States
 Portable AC Unit  Texas  United States
 16140-Wiring devices
 Boxes  Arizona  United States
 Hot Tub Sub Panel Circuit Breaker - New In Box  California  United States
 Electrical Transformer  Maryland  United States
 16240-Battery equipment
 BESA LIGHTING 943007C-H2 CEILING MOUNT  Alabama  United States
 NEW-High End Landscape Lighting Package  Arizona  United States
 metal halide lights  California  United States
 Hydrel 7100 Outdoor Lights  Florida  United States
 Ceiling Fans  Illinois  United States
 White track lights heads  Illinois  United States
 Commercial grade track lighting  Illinois  United States
 Light Bulbs CFL with Air Purifier, Large Lot  New Jersey  United States
 LumaLex 2044 track lights  New York  United States
 Everlast St. Clair Acrylic High Bay Lights  New York  United States
 NEW Cree 6" Deep Recess LED Downlights #LR6C-DR1000  North Carolina  United States
 9 Philips Lightolier Xceed Lytecaster CFL Recessed Downlights  Pennsylvania  United States
 Lighting Fixtures, Ceiling Fans & Replacement Glass  Texas  United States
 Leviton Z-Max 24 Master Cabinet 12 ST2 RLY  Texas  United States
 400 Watt, 120 Volt Metal Halide Hubble Wall Lights  Texas  United States
 Brand New Single Wall Light  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New Chandelier  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New Single Wall Light  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New Two Candle Wall Lights  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New Twelve Light Chandelier  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New Williamsburg Chandelier  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New 21-Light 3-Tier Chandelier  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New Single Wall Light  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New 12-Light Chandelier  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New Single Wall Light  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New Single Wall Light  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New Two Lights Wall Sconce  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New Nine Light Chandelier  British Columbia  Canada
 Bound glass ceiling light PB  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New 21-L Chandelier  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New 9-L Chandelier  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New 9-L Chandelier  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New Fifteen Light Chandelier  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New 9L Chandelier  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New 2-Tier Chandelier  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New Twelve Light Chandelier  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New Chandelier  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New 40" Pendant  British Columbia  Canada
 Brand New Fifteen Light Chandelier  British Columbia  Canada
 16510-Interior luminaires
 nema 4 2X4 flanged fixtures  Minnesota  United States
 16514-Luminous ceilings
 Air Conditioning Units - Assorted Models  Texas  United States
 16520-Exterior luminaires
 Wall mounted CFL lighting  Arizona  United States
 ~High Pressure Sodium Light Fixtures!~  Massachusetts  United States
 16522-Roadway & parking area luminaires
 Gardco Garage Lighting Fixtures  Maryland  United States
 KIM LIGHTING-PGL4 LUMINAIRES  New Mexico  United States
 16524-Stair & walkway lighting
 16527-Navigation lighting
 Electrical Testing & Physical Measurement Equipment  Arizona  United States
 16530-Emergency lighting
 16552-Display & showcase lighting
 16553-Medical/surgical lighting
 16554-Lighting graphics
 16556-Underwater lighting
 16560-Signal lighting
 16586-Lenses, louvers, reflectors & accessories
 Switch and outlet covers - oak  Illinois  United States
 16588-Poles, posts, standards & foundation anchors
 16705-Electronic scoreboards
 Ea Liebert CRAC Units with Condensers  Ohio  United States
 Diamond Circular Discs 130 Units  Texas  United States
 Windows Mixed Lot    Aruba
 16710-Communications circuits
 16720-Telephone & intercommunication equipment
 16800-Sound & video
 Audio and Video electical pieces  Florida  United States
 16810-Sound & video circuits
 16820-Sound reinforcement
 16830-Broadcast studio audio equipment
 16850-Television equipment
 16880-Multimedia equipment
 Portable A/C Units  Texas  United States