Promoting resuing building materials, construction surplus trading and more...American Builder Surplus. Trading community for construction professionals. Promoting resuing building materials, construction surplus trading and more...American Builder Surplus. Builders surplus auctions, closeout sales, free items.
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11-Equipment, 11455-Kitchen & bath cabinets

Salvex Listing ID: 182955296Item Details:This lot of Bathroom Doors, Shower Enclosures and Tubs is available for sale by the freight forwarding company due to being abandoned. ...

06-Wood & Plastics, 06420-Wood paneling

  Salvex Listing ID: 182951771 Item Details: This lot of 18mm CDX Plywood is available as part of a surplus and is being sold to recover ...

13-Special Construction, 13121-Pre-engineered buildings

We have available to be taken away large pines suitable for log homes the trees are located in connecticut you would need to cut them,grind brush and remove stumps and place topsoi...

09-Finishes, 09610-Floor treatments

Salvex Listing ID: 182957718Item Details:This lot is made up of Teak Interior Wood Flooring which is available for sale as surplus to recover funds and inventory space for the curr...

08-Doors & Windows, 08500-Windows

This is a listing for a new window. This window was going to be used in a construction job, but was ordered at the wrong size, and was then stored in a garage. It has never been us...

04-Masonry, 04400-Stone

Brand New Commercial Grade Quarry tiles, both 8x8 half inch and 6x6 inch colors: red, stone grey and brown 0.75 cents per square foot Minimum of 500 square feet to purchase. &nb...

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Welcome to

This is the on-line trading community of reusable and sustainable building materials for construction professionals. This site has been designed for today's construction worker to buy or sell

excess or salvaged building materials and equipment

, and consumers who want to save money on construction supplies and hard to find salvaged building materials. We offer a practical way of selling

building material surpluses, overstock

or anything else that falls under sixteen standard divisions. We promote re-using building materials and supplies, cutting down handling expenses and reducing waste worldwide. Building surplus materials are listed under Building Materials List or displayed on Building Materials Map.

This is the only site that uses

sixteen standard construction divisions

to identify and to locate posted products. All items are clearly labeled as either unused excess materials or salvaged from previous construction. Construction professionals can search by both

industry division



code and/or by name.
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