Promoting resuing building materials, construction surplus trading and more...American Builder Surplus. Trading community for construction professionals. Promoting resuing building materials, construction surplus trading and more...American Builder Surplus. Builders surplus auctions, closeout sales, free items.
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09-Finishes, 09330-Quarry tile

225 sq ft of natural cut tile. This tile is brand new, never installed - leftover from a recent job. It was purchased for $16 per sq ft, selling for $11 per sq ft. I need it out of...

08-Doors & Windows, 08250-Preassembled wood & plastic door & frame units

I have a Anderson 400 series out-swing door STILL IN THE UNOPENED BOX! FW03168This is a single door with solid glass pane, white vinyl outside, painted white wood inside. Price inc...

03-Concrete, 03150-Concrete Accessories

New Formablok portable light weight molds allow for the recovery of leftover cement onsite while producing a value added landscaping product...

06-Wood & Plastics, 06162-Fiberboard sheets

SoundStop is the most cost-effective sound proofing solution available. SoundStop deadens sound transfer from neighbor to neighbor, room to room, outside in. It is used to help rea...

02-Site Construction, 02730-Aggregate Surfacing

Crushed, recycled concrete and asphalt base: Caltrans Class II Greenbook fine Greenbook coarse    ...

08-Doors & Windows, 08462-Automatic sliding flat panel entrance doors

  Product Description: Pinch-resistance function:   Door Plank Structure:   Hardwares:   2.0mm thick galvanized steel guide rails, surface tr...

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This is the on-line trading community of reusable and sustainable building materials for construction professionals. This site has been designed for today's construction worker to buy or sell

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, and consumers who want to save money on construction supplies and hard to find salvaged building materials. We offer a practical way of selling

building material surpluses, overstock

or anything else that falls under sixteen standard divisions. We promote re-using building materials and supplies, cutting down handling expenses and reducing waste worldwide. Building surplus materials are listed under Building Materials List or displayed on Building Materials Map.

This is the only site that uses

sixteen standard construction divisions

to identify and to locate posted products. All items are clearly labeled as either unused excess materials or salvaged from previous construction. Construction professionals can search by both

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