Promoting resuing building materials, construction surplus trading and more...American Builder Surplus. Trading community for construction professionals. Promoting resuing building materials, construction surplus trading and more...American Builder Surplus. Builders surplus auctions, closeout sales, free items.
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04-Masonry, 04200-Masonry units

Bricks originally purchased for a project that will not proceed.  Red 7 3/4" x 3 1/2" x 2 3/16" on pallets and banded. Other associated masonry items, steel, cast concrete len...

11-Equipment, 11530-Industrial safety equipment

Shop, Service & Trade Equipment Government Liquidation Online Auction Event ID- 22053/14584 Bidding Opens – 4/25/2016 Bidding Closes – 4/27/2016 Opening Bid - $25.0...


04-Masonry, 04065-Masonry mortar& masonry grout

Got extra bricks you don't need?  Looking for brick to complete a small patio project.  About 15 x 20 ft. I'll pickup if located in Fairfield County.  Can be reached...

07-Thermal & Moisture Protection, 07210-Building insulation

Bargain Bundles for sale! Mostly 2" thick sheets that have been discounted due to damage or appearance. All polyisocyanurate (R-6.5 per inch), similar to closed cell spray foam. Ra...

11-Equipment, 11500-Industrial & Process Equipment

Individual Equipment & Field Gear Government Liquidation Online Auction Event ID- 14665 Bidding Opens – 6/13/2016 Bidding Closes – 6/15/2016 Opening Bid - $25.00 Fe...

06-Wood & Plastics, 06440-Wood moldings & ornaments

3/4" x 3-1/4"x rl(3'-12'),Salvaged/Antique.HeartPine  Flooring. This flooring has been pulled out of a house inMontgomery,AL that was built in 1870. There is a good Amou...

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This is the on-line trading community of reusable and sustainable building materials for construction professionals. This site has been designed for today's construction worker to buy or sell

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, and consumers who want to save money on construction supplies and hard to find salvaged building materials. We offer a practical way of selling

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or anything else that falls under sixteen standard divisions. We promote re-using building materials and supplies, cutting down handling expenses and reducing waste worldwide. Building surplus materials are listed under Building Materials List or displayed on Building Materials Map.

This is the only site that uses

sixteen standard construction divisions

to identify and to locate posted products. All items are clearly labeled as either unused excess materials or salvaged from previous construction. Construction professionals can search by both

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code and/or by name.
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